Cilantro lime chicken

Easy Cilantro Lime Chicken

This week we have a quick and easy main dish recipe for you, Cilantro Lime Chicken.  This cilantro lime chicken is healthy, packed with flavor and super easy to make. This recipe comes from Susan Randall via see the link below. Easy Cilantro Lime Chicken Although Labor Day is

Workout of the week

9-Minute Kettlebell Workout form Hades

We have a real test of your stamina this week with our 9-Minute Kettlebell Workout from Hades. 9-minutes doesn’t sound bad does it? You can do pretty much anything for 9-minutes. Well this workout will challenge that; do you have what it takes to work through this for 9 straight

Recipe of the week: No Bake Nutella Energy Bites

No Bake Nutella Energy Bites

This week I was looking for some healthy snack ideas and I came across this recipe for no-bake Nutella energy bites.  These make a great grab and go breakfast or a quick pre/post workout snack. This recipe comes from see the link below. Nutella Energy Bites No bake energy

WOW: KB Complex

Kettlebell Complex Progression; 26 Aug 2019

We are doing something a little different this week with a Kettlebell Complex Progression. The idea is at the end of the workout you will be performing a combination (complex) of all the moves done leading up to it. We will start with the basic exercises then string them together

Recipe of the Week: mushroom spinach pasta bake

Mushroom Spinach Pasta Bake

Our recipe this week is a combination of home-style cooking, comfort food and healthy ingredients. This mushroom spinach pasta bake is sure to be a hit.  This recipe comes from see the link below. Mushroom Spinach Pasta Bake There is just something so comforting about a good home baked

WoW: 15-5-3 Kettlebell

15-5-3 Kettlebell Workout

Our workout of the week is a 15–5–3 kettlebell workout, a triplet of sorts. We have 3 kettlebell movements with descending reps on each exercise.  You will perform 5 rounds of the 3 exercises. The idea is to work heavy but maintain good form.  This is not a long workout

Mini Ham and Cheese Quinoa Cups

Mini Ham and Cheese Quinoa Cups

Hope everyone enjoyed last week’s recipe. This week we are taking a look at breakfast, with a great recipe for mini ham and cheese quinoa cups.  This recipe comes from Kristin at see the link below. Mini Ham and Cheese Quinoa Cups We are often told that breakfast is

Sandbag Total Body

Sandbag Total Body Workout; 12 Aug 2019

Summer is winding down and its almost time for back to school. Those of you who are parents are probably looking forward to the first day of school, and the kiddos are probably sad to go back. Well, here is a great sandbag workout to distract you from the end

Healthy Eats: Greek Yogurt Chicken salad

Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad

We kind of fell behind on the recipe blog the last couple of weeks with the MyZone challenge and our Team building trip to the Perform Better Functional Training Summit. So, this week we have a quick and easy recipe for you, Greek yogurt chicken salad.  This recipe comes from

WOW, Kettlebell AMRAP

20 Minute kettlebell AMRAP, 29 July 2019

This week we have a basic 20 Minute Kettlebell AMRAP. 3 Moves, 5 reps each, for as many rounds as you can do in 20 Minutes. The Workout Perform As Many Rounds as Possible in 20 Minutes Single Kettlebell Swings (5 Reps) Kettlebell Goblet Squats (5 Reps) Kettlebell Figure-8s (5