Bucket of Crabs

As we are heading into the summer and crabbing season here in Maryland, I thought this was a great topic for our blog. Did you know that a bucket of crabs doesn’t need a lid to keep the crabs in? Couldn’t they just climb out and escape. Yes, but they

Exercise and Arthritis

Exercise and arthritis can feel like a catch 22, sometimes. You’re in pain when you’re trying to exercise but if you don’t continue moving you will really pay for it. It’s important that those with arthritis know that exercise is crucial! At this point, we know the benefits of regular

Calorie Burn

Calorie Burn: Does It Matter How Many Calories Your Workout Burns?

In today’s fitness world we are obsessed with using technology to track every calorie we burn during exercise.  But, does this really matter?  Well, yes and no.  Calorie Burn; how it works Here is the problem with tracking calories burned. There is this thing called EPOC, or Excess Post Oxygen



Our workout of the week is call: 3×7=21.  This workout is made up of 3 circuits of 3 exercises. Each circuit is 7 minutes and you perform each exercise for 21 reps. The Workout 3×7=21             Complete each circuit for 7 minutes.             Rest 2 minutes between circuits     

21/90 Rule for Change

21/90 Rule: 21 days to create a habit/90 day to create a lifestyle

A while back, I was looking for new motivating quotes and images for the display behind the counter I came across this 21/90 Rule for Change. For some reason it really resonated with me and I want to share it with you. We all deserve to be happy and to

Alternating Reality

Alternating Reality

Alternating Reality is our workout of the week.  This is a kettlebell workout comprised of 4 exercises. Each exercise alternates sides that are working and the reps increase and decrease through the workout.   The Workout Alternating Reality             Complete as Prescribed.             5 – 6 – 7 – 6

Blog: Own Your Morning

Own Your Morning!

Daylight savings is here, Own your morning. The days are getting longer and the nights are getting shorter. For many of us, that throws off our sleep schedule.  Sometimes it takes weeks to readjust. In the mean time you may be more irritable, more tired and overall feeling not yourself.

Workout of the Week


Swing…Swing…Other Thing is a fun yet challenging workout. It is a basic triplet workout consisting of 2 kettlebell swing variations, and one “Other Thing”. In the case of this week’s workout the “Other Thing” is med ball slams. So, challenge yourself by adding this to your workout sometime this week.

sleep tips

5 Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

Because we all know how a better night’s sleep makes us feel, here are 5 tips to get a better night’s sleep. Our energy is better, our mood is better, our workouts are better, heck we even eat better.  On the flip side we all know how miserable we feel

Workout of the Week: Snatch and Jump

Snatch and Jump

Snatch and Jump our workout of the week at Body Force Fitness. This is a ladder style couplet workout.  We are pairing alternate kettlebell snatches with burpee box jumps. The snatches will be in a ladder up and down rep pattern, while the burpee box jumps remain at 6 reps.