About Us

John & WendyHere’s to your health,John & Wendy

Body Force Training Facility was founded in 2010 by Joe Rakoski and Liz Fink with the mission to provide the clients with “Provide effective training programs for improved health and fitness”. And, as the current owners of Body Force Fitness, we too believe in this mission. Our locally owned facility offers a welcoming, community like environment for all who are seeking professional fitness training. We believe in a personal approach to helping our clients achieve their goals through functional fitness and nutrition. We provide this through a team of highly educated, knowledgeable trainers willing to help you throughout your fitness journey.

We understand how difficult it is to make the choice to commit to a path of health and fitness, and how daunting of a task it can be to find the right solution for you. Come in and talk to one of our experienced staff members today. We can help you in making the right decision for you, as we offer many options to meet your needs and goals. Ask about our risk free 30 Day Kickstarter so you can experience what we have to offer! If at the end you are not completely satisfied with, what we believe, to be the best fitness training facility in town, we don’t deserve to have you as a member.