Sandbag Total Body Workout; 12 Aug 2019

Sandbag Total Body

Summer is winding down and its almost time for back to school. Those of you who are parents are probably looking forward to the first day of school, and the kiddos are probably sad to go back. Well, here is a great sandbag workout to distract you from the end of summer blues.

The Workout

Complete 4 Rounds

30 Seconds Work/30 Seconds Rest

Plank w/Sandbag Drag Through

SB Hip Lift

SB Deadlift

SB Cleans

SB Front Squats

SB Push Press


How to Perform this Kettlebell Push Workout

If you are not familiar with any of the movements in this workout, watch the video below or ask a coach.

We always recommended you warm-up prior to strenuous exercise. Before you begin this workout, you should perform some dynamic stretching, and/or 5 to 10 minutes of light cardio.

Ready to go?  Grab your sandbags. You will probably want 2 or 3 depending on who strong you feel on some of these moves. Prepare your fitness timer. Set it for intervals, 30 seconds work and 30 seconds of rest for a total of 24 rounds. This will give you the intervals for the 4 rounds of 6 exercises.


Plank w/ Sandbag Pull Through

Choose a light sandbag for this move.  Assume the plank position with the sandbag to one side. Reach through with the opposite hand, grab the sandbag and pull it through, under your body. Switch hands and repeat. Continue for the 30 second work period.

Sandbag Hip Lift

Use your rest time to transition to your back and position a sandbag across your hips, bring your heels to your butt. When the timer sounds to start your work interval, drive your hips toward the ceiling, squeezing your glutes. Return to the start position, and repeat until your time runs out.

Sandbag Deadlift

While catching your breath, get your heavy sandbag ready for the deadlifts. Position the sandbag slightly in front of your feet. Squat down and grab the handles. When the timer sounds to start the round, drive through your heels to stand upright, squeeze your glutes at the top. Hinge at the hips to lower the sandbag back to the floor. Repeat for the remainder of the round.

Sandbag Cleans

You might feel a little winded after the deadlifts so catch your breath. You can switch sandbags or use the same one for the cleans. With the sandbag in front of you again, squat down and grab the handles. When signaled to go drive with your legs and pull the sandbag high with your arms, flipping it and catching it in the front rack position. Return it to the ground and repeat for the duration of the time.

Sandbag Front Squats

The cleans usually get me pretty winded, grad a quick drink and get ready to squat. Same starting position as the deadlifts and cleans. When the timer sounds clean the sandbag to the front rack position. While holding the sandbag in the front rack, lower yourself into the squatted position until your thighs are parallel to the ground and return to the upright position. Continue to perform this move until the timer alerts the end of the round.

Sandbag Push Press

Final exercise of the round, you should be feeling a bit winded. When the timer signals the start of the round, clean the sandbag to the front rack again.  From this position, dip your knees slightly, then explode upwards with your legs, at the same time driving the sandbag up over your head with your arms. Lower the sand back to the front rack and repeat until timer expires.

Repeat all exercises for a total of 4 rounds.


Watch the demonstration video below to see these moves performed.

Remember the importance of proper form and full range of motion on each movement. Don’t be an ego lifter.


Demonstrations Video

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