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Our workout this week is a sandbag and plyobox countdown. This workout combines sandbag exercises for strength with plyobox exercises for conditioning. There is no time element for this workout, however you should be pushing yourself.

The Workout

Warm-up: 10 minutes at a moderate pace on the cardio equipment of your choice


Perform 12 rounds of the following exercises:

Sandbag Squats

Plyobox Jump Overs

Sandbag Cleans

Bulgarian Split Squats

Sandbag Deadlifts

Explosive Step-ups

How to Perform this Sandbag and Plyobox Countdown Workout

All the moves for this workout should be familiar to most members of Body Force, but you can watch the demonstration video if you are unsure of any of them.

Start with the warm-up. Select your favorite piece of cardio equipment and go for 10 minutes at a moderate pace. Get the blood flowing and hearth rate up a bit. Prime your muscles for the next portion of the workout.

After the warm-up, catch your breath and grab a drink.

You can time this workout if you want to see how fast you can do it. Timing is optional, I recommend just trying to complete the workout with as little rest as possible during the rounds and a small rest between rounds. Select a sandbag  and plyobox that is going to make this workout a challenge, you may want to use different sandbags for each movement.

You will alternate between 6 sandbag and plyobox exercises for 12 rounds. The reps for each exercise will start at 12 and you will subtract 1 rep each round.

Start with the sandbag squats, you can do any variation of the squat you want. The video demonstrates a back squat.

Follow the squats with your plyobox jump overs. Jump onto the box, then continue right across to land on the opposite side. Turn around and jump back.  Choose a box height that is comfortable.

Sandbag cleans are next. Start from with the sandbag on the ground and return it to the ground each rep, explode through the legs and hips as you clean the sandbag to a front rack position and return to the start position.

Bulgarian split squats will test your balance and core stability as well as working your quads and glutes. Place one foot on the box behind you, lower yourself to a squat then return. Perform all reps on the first side then switch legs and perform all reps on the second leg.

The final sandbag move is the deadlift. You may be able to go heavy on this move, but remember you have 12 rounds.

The last move in each round is the explosive step-up. Start with one foot on the box, explode up driving off the elevated leg. Switch feet in the air, the opposite foot will be on the box when you complete that rep. Continue, alternating legs each rep, you will complete the set number of reps for each leg before moving the next round.

Watch the demonstration video below to see these moves.

Remember the importance of proper form and full range of motion on each movement.

Demonstrations Video

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