Christel Petrizzo Testimonial

Christel is one of our Semi-private training clients and she is sharing her story with you. When Christel came to Body Force she was on the verge of needing surgery on her knees, she could barely walk up-right. She has come a long way since joining Body Force, but don’t

Sandbag Workout of the Week

Returning to a single implement functional workout this week we are going to be using the sandbag again for 2 circuits which will give you a good whole-body workout. Having started out following bodybuilding workouts routines, I have really found that since switching to functional training my body feels better.

Chocolate Banana Nut Energy Bites

Chocolate Banana Nut Energy Bites Recipe from:   This week we are wrapping up our series on healthy snacks with a recipe for Chocolate Banana Nut Energy Bites.  This is another easy recipe with just 7 ingredients, 4 steps, and about 10 minutes of prep time.  These energy bites

Jim Roney, Testimonial

Jim Roney, Team Training Client At age 62 and after 2 knee replacements, I found myself at 215 pounds. I had enough of not fitting into pants, getting fatigued on the golf course and looking terrible. I decided I owed it to my wife, kids, grandkids and myself to take better

Sandbag and Kettlebell Workout

In recent exercise blog posts we have had workouts that used Kettlebells and we have had workouts that used sandbags. This week we are mixing it up. The workout this week is a sandbag and kettlebell workout consisting of 4 separate supersets of mixed implement training. This workout really emphasizes the kind of functional training that

Kettlebell Workout

This week I wanted to feature another Kettlebell Workout from Kettlebell Kings.  This one will get your heart pumping pretty good. Perform 10 Rounds of: 10 Kettlebell Goblet Squats 10 Close-grip Push-ups (Hands on the kettlebell) 10 Kettlebell Swings The idea is to pick a weight for each exercise that

Easy No-Bake Protein Energy Bars

Protein bars can be pretty expensive when buying them at the store. In continuing the healthy snack theme for this month, I found this recipe for easy no-bake protein energy bars. This is really a basic recipe and you can add to it and adjust it to make all different

Felecia Kennedy Testimonial

Felecia Kennedy – Member since 2010 Felicia is one of Body Force’s longest tenured members having joined when the previous owner opened the doors in 2010.  As she tells her story in the video below, you will hear about her success and continued trials in her journey to become more

Functional Training is the answer!

What does Functional mean as related to physical training? In his book New Functional Training for Sports, Mike Boyle defines Functional Training as Purposeful Training. In other words, training with a specific purpose in mind. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines function as “the action for which a person or thing is specially fitted

Banana Caramel Cashew No-Bake Energy Bars

Source: Brianne Izzo Banana Caramel Cashew No-Bake Energy Bars   Keeping with the theme of healthy snacks for this month, I found this recipe on the website and it really seemed like it would be a good one to try.  It only has 5 ingredients, and 5 steps in the