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I’m not going to lie; this descending rep triplet workout is kind of a tough one. This was my Saturday afternoon workout. I took my time with it and used the prescribed weight and my MyZone belt was reading in the Yellow range almost the whole time. For this workout, I earned about 140 MEPS.

This wasn’t a timed workout for me, but looking at my MyZone move summary it looks like it took me about 30 minutes from start to finish. Like I said above I didn’t push real hard so I would say it could probably get done in 20-25 minutes if really pushed.


The Workout

Perform 27 – 21 – 15 – 9 Reps of the following moves:

Sandbag Overhead Squats

Sandbag Ground to over the Shoulders

Sandbag Hang Power Cleans

Between each round perform 10 Yards (about 10 good reps) Front Rack Walking Lunges


How to Perform this Sandbag Descending Rep Triplet Workout

The moves in this workout are pretty routine moves and all use the sandbag. As you know we like the sandbag because it requires you to engage more muscles due to the shift weight. The prescribes weights are 35 pounds for the ladies and 50 pounds for the men. It is up to you if you want to do this workout against the clock and see how fast you can get through it, or against a buddy, or just complete the workout.

The First move is the overhead squat. I think everyone should be familiar enough with this move so I won’t go too in-depth here.  Grab you sandbag off the floor and snatch it overhead. With your shoulders and core engaged for stability execute the set reps for this movement.

The second move is the ground to over the shoulder. Again, a pretty basic move. Squat down, keeping your chest proud, back straight and head forward, grab the sandbag, and clean it up and throw it over your shoulder. Alternate shoulders each rep for balance.

The last exercise of the descending rep triplet is the hang power clean. Starting with the sandbag in front of you on the floor, grab the handles and perform a deadlift to get to the starting position. From here you will perform a hang power clean, slightly dip your knees and then explode up, cleaning the sandbag to the front rack position and straighten your legs. Return the sandbag to the hang position and repeat.

Finally, between each round of the descending rep triplet, you will execute 10 yards of front rack walking lunges. For me 10 yards was about 10 good full stride lunges.

Demonstrations Video

Watch the demonstration video below to see these moves.

Remember the importance of proper form and full range of motion on each movement. Don’t be an ego lifter.

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