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“I can’t eat carbs, I get fat.”

Let’s look at that for a second.

We all know someone who has made this statement at some point in our lives, maybe even you?

I have even said such ridiculous things before I knew better.

When someone says, “I get fat,” is that because the scale goes up the next day?

Because that’s not body fat from a physiological perspective.

What Really Happens

However, the scale will go up from an additional food perspective, as well as water because…

Carbs hydrate! That’s why we call them CARBO-HYDRATE.

They add water to the body. For every gram of carbs that someone eats, they store three grams of water.

When somebody is eating an influx of carbohydrates that they’re not used to, they will see the scale go up as their body is going to hold on to that water a lot longer as they don’t have the enzymes to break down those carbs. This happens all the time with low carb diets. Go low anything for a long time, and your body down regulates the enzymes needed to break those foods down.

What Do People Without a Coach Do?

They think “I get fat,” and then ditch the carbohydrates and continue to eat even less, exercise even more, ultimately feel like crap and never get the results they want.

Instead of giving it enough CONSISTENCY over TIME, it is dismissed right away.

If that’s something that you’re experiencing now, it’s time to break that vicious cycle.


What Should You Do?

Talk to one of our coaches. They will help you understand where you should consider making changes.

You should eat a balanced diet consisting of Lean Protein, Carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables and Healthy Fats. Where this get tricky is what ratio of each to eat.

A good starting place is:

50% Carbohydrates

30% Lean Protein

20% Healthy Fats

From there you can adjust for your goals. Looking to lose weight, reduce carbs and fat, increase lean protein.

The Key to Success

The key is to eat a healthy, balanced diet that you can sustain over a long period of time.

Avoid fad diets and severely restrictive diets, they may move the scale in the direction you want for the short term, but people typically gain all and more back when they go off those diets.

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