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These strategies to add exercise in your day, make getting regular exercise is easier than you think. 

If you are a busy adult juggling a career, family, and some resemblance of any social life at all, you know if can be hard to squeeze in a workout. 

But, if you think that you have to live in the gym to get fit, or to receive the benefits of regular exercise we have some good news. 

You do not have to spend hours in the gym every day! 

The following are four simple strategies to add exercise into your everyday life. 


#1. Walk. 

Twenty to thirty minutes most days. 

Done consistently walking will improve your cardiovascular fitness and help you shed a few pounds. Take it up a notch by carrying a 20-40-pound backpack. Now you’re “Rucking” and that sounds way cooler when talking with your friends about your fitness routine, then walking doesn’t it?


#2. 50 minutes, 3 times a week. 

Hitting the gym twice a week for a complete total-body workout will reward you with numerous benefits when done consistently. In a year’s time this is enough to see a completely different person staring back at you in the mirror. 

Focus on movements like the Kettlebell Deadlift, Goblet Squat, TRX Row, Push-Ups, Pull-Ups, and Farmer’s Walks for 2-3 sets of 8-12 reps. 


#3. Bodyweight Routine. 

If you don’t have time to get to the gym bodyweight workouts are a great way to get fit. They don’t require any equipment and can be done anywhere. The following is a simple 10 or 20-minute total-body circuit that can be done a few times per week. 

– Push Ups x 25

– Squats x 25 

– Pull Ups x 5 

– Reverse Lunge x 15 each 

– Front Plank x 60s 

– Jumping Jacks – 25 

Repeat for as many rounds as possible in 10 or 20 minutes. Rest as needed. 


#4. Reps on the Minute. 

Some days you only have time for a quick 10-minute workout. That is where the “Reps on the Minute” strategy works great. 

Pick an exercise, start a timer, and perform a set number of reps. Then rest the remainder of the minute. Continue for 10 rounds. 

Here are a few examples: 

– Kettlebell Swings x 10 reps 

– Squat and Press x 8 reps 

– KB Snatch x 5 each arm 

– Battling Ropes x 20 slams 


Regular exercise doesn’t have to take a lot of time; it just has to be consistent. 

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