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As we are heading into the summer and crabbing season here in Maryland, I thought this was a great topic for our blog.

Did you know that a bucket of crabs doesn’t need a lid to keep the crabs in?

Couldn’t they just climb out and escape. Yes, but they never will get the chance. The reason is because as one crab starts climbing up it will be immediately pulled back down by the other crabs.

So, what does this have to do with fitness? Crabbing probably isn’t on your to-do list right now.  But, getting into shape and focusing on your fitness might be on your list for 2021.

If that is case, you’ll probably run into some crabs. Except that these crabs won’t have ten legs with pinchers on two of them. Instead they will be friends, family, and co-workers.

They may say things to you or about you like:

“You’re becoming too obsessed.”
“You’re getting too lean.”
“Really, you’re not going eat that (insert food), it won’t kill you.”
“Come on skip your workout and join us for happy hour.”
“Who does she think she is wearing that sleeveless top?”
And many more.

For many people these comments can make they feel uncomfortable and cause them to conform and/or become self-conscious about the positive changes they are making.

But you see these are the crabs. Sometimes they are being mean intentionally, others time not. But as you are changing, they begin to pull you down. 

The reason this happens is because you have become an outlier. Only 16% of the American population goes to the gym and less than that actually changes their body. 

So, you see by being in shape and eating healthy you are now in the minority and many of the other 84% do not want you to be successful and change. This is because they feel bad about themselves, so they try to sabotage you and pull you back into the 84% majority.

As you begin your fitness journey beware of these crabs and when they find you don’t let them pull you down.


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