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Our workout of the week is call: 3×7=21.  This workout is made up of 3 circuits of 3 exercises. Each circuit is 7 minutes and you perform each exercise for 21 reps.

The Workout


            Complete each circuit for 7 minutes.

            Rest 2 minutes between circuits          

Circuit 1: Double Kettlebell

21 KB Hip Bridge Floor Press

21 Racked KB Squats

21 KB Overhead Press


Circuit 2: Single Kettlebell

21 Single KB Deadlift

21 Single KB Clean

21 KB Goblet Squat


Circuit 3: Bodyweight

21 Push-ups

21 Pike-ups

21 Box Jumps


How to perform 3×7=21


If you are not familiar with any of the movements in this workout, ask a coach.

Warm-up prior to strenuous exercise. Before you begin this workout, you should perform some dynamic stretching, and/or 5 to 10 minutes of light cardio.



You will need a couple kettlebells, but may want a couple of different weight for this workout. This is a timed workout. Each circuit is 7 minutes with 2 minutes rest between Circuits. Choose weights that will challenge you but that is not too heavy to compromised form.

After you complete a warm-up, grab your kettlebell and get started. Challenge yourself.

Circuit 1: Double Kettlebell

The first circuit for 3×7=21 is a double kettlebell circuit. Each exercise requires 2 kettlebells. You will start with hip bridge floor press. Just like a regular floor press except you will drive your hips up off the floor and hold them while performing the press. The second exercise is a racked grip squat. The final exercise in the first circuit is the overhead press. Starting from the front rack, press both kettlebells overhead at the same time. Once you finish all three exercises, start over and go through the circuit as many times as you can for 7 minutes.

Circuit 2: Single Kettlebell

The second circuit in 3×7=21 is a single kettlebell circuit. Each exercise is performed with one kettlebell.  Starting with a single kettlebell deadlift. Make sure you are hinging at the hips, keeping your back flat and shoulders square. Next exercise is a kb clean. Keep your chest proud as you perform this exercise. the last exercise in this circuit is the goblet squat.  Continue to work through this circuit for the 7 minutes.

Circuit 3: Bodyweight

The final circuit in 3×7=21 is a bodyweight circuit. You will begin with push-ups, either regular or from the knees. For the next exercise you will need a set of val-slides to place under your feet to perform pike-ups. The last exercise requires a box or platform. The last exercise is box jumps. Perform 21 reps of each exercise, going through the circuit for 7 minutes.


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