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A while back, I was looking for new motivating quotes and images for the display behind the counter I came across this 21/90 Rule for Change. For some reason it really resonated with me and I want to share it with you. We all deserve to be happy and to achieve great things. We don’t realize the things that hold us back, or we do realize what they are but we don’t know how to change them. What follows is just a brief summary of what the 21/90 rule is and how you can use it to overcome roadblocks and achieve your goals.

21 Days

The 21/90 Rule refers to the actions we take on a daily basis. Good or bad, if you do the same thing for 21 days, you create a habit. A habit is a routine of behavior that is repeated regularly. So, it makes sense that after so many days repeating the same routine or behavior, these behaviors tend to occur regularly in our lives?

Our subconscious mind stores these repeated behaviors and they are imprinted in our brains. After 21 days repeating the same behaviors, we continue to act out these behavioral patterns without even thinking about it or realizing what we’re doing. You’ve all heard that habits are hard to break.

But they aren’t impossible to break.

Once these behavioral patterns become imprinted in our brain, they become our natural, daily routine. In order to break a habit, we need to consciously remind ourselves every day to take different actions than what our subconscious mind will tell us to do. While our brain naturally moves towards these habits we have created, we need to set reminders and work hard to make sure we take the new action we want to turn into a habit.

Repetition allows us to change our habits. When we repeat these new behavioral patterns, they become the new imprints in our minds. As the 21/90 rule goes, after 21 days of repeating these changed behaviors, they are formed into a new habit that becomes our subconscious way of life.

What good new habit would you like to create in 2021?

90 Days

Once you practice the same pattern of behaviors for 21 days, it becomes a habit. When you continue that habit for a full 90 days, you have created a lifestyle change. After 90 days, your habits become part of who you are. Do you want to live a positive lifestyle or a negative one? I haven’t met anyone yet who has responded that they want to live a negative lifestyle.

The truth is, we all have areas of our life where we have room to grow and improve. Analyze your current lifestyle. Look at your common behavioral patterns that make up the habits you practice in life. You deserve to live a positive lifestyle. Use the 21/90 Rule as a tool to improve your life.

When you achieve a positive lifestyle, you will be happier. When you are happier, those around you will benefit. There’s no doubt we are all built for some type of greatness. Have you achieved yours? Practice the 21/90 rule so that your daily habits are positive habits. Stay on the path to greater success by turning your habits into a positive lifestyle. You deserve no less.

What Healthy Lifestyle change would you like to make in 2021?


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