Laura and Pat Boudart

START NOW. I seriously thought about joining Body Force for probably 2 years before actually taking the first step. We realize how important it is to “keep moving” as we get older and have committed ourselves to staying active now to prevent problems in the future! Our only regret is not joining sooner!!

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Emily Needles

I’m at the strongest I’ve ever been and that’s really been because of the staff and their knowledge and assistance with really pushing me.

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Christina Bocknell

Thank you Body Force for giving me the tools and motivation to help me feel strong, confident and empowered. My physical and mental transformation has been life changing.


Chad Yates

“Accountability… Pushing me to complete the exercises to the best of my ability to the end of the session. The coaches keep me accountable to myself, my training, and my routine. ”



Jim Roney

At age 62 and after 2 knee replacements, I found myself at 215 pounds. I had enough of not fitting into pants, getting fatigued on the golf course and looking terrible. I decided I owed it to my wife, kids, grandkids and myself to take better care of myself so I could be around for a few more years. I was also honest enough to admit that I couldn’t do it by myself. I needed goals, plus a plan and structure to achieve them.  I started in mid-September and set a goal of getting down to 185 pounds by April 1st.

I decided to take Body Force Training up on their 21 day trial and I’m so happy I did. Opting for the Team Training, I got into a routine that worked. The staff is professional, encouraging and truly dedicated to helping all their clients. The workouts are intense, but they work. I also started watching my diet, cutting out junk food (well most of it). On April 1st I was down to 181 pounds, losing 4 inches off my waist. Plus I feel so much healthier. Goes to show one is never too old to make significant changes in one’s life. Thank Alex, Nick and Body Force Training!

Michelle Anderson

Michelle Anderson

“The workout is hard but fun. The coaches help me achieve my own personal fitness goals.”


Mahlon Patterson

Mahlon Patterson

“My personal Body Force story and experience is what I would describe as a life changing one when it comes to my health and wellbeing, and I attribute a large amount of the credit to the team here at Body Force.  The owners, John and Wendy and the entire team of trainers, Alex, Brittany, Kyra, and Nick, have “nudged” me in a direction that has produced a whole new appreciation and mindset for managing my fitness and health.  Yes, I have to put in the work and make the commitment, but the experience I have had with the Body Force team has certainly provided the catalyst, the support, and the tools to make the changes and to be successful.”

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Peter Miller

Peter Miller

“The trainers force me out of my comfort zone resulting in greater gains!”