Training Member Spotlight: Stephanie Hartman

TMS Steph H

Why was she looking for a gym

Just a few years ago as I was approaching a milestone birthday (50! Yes 50!), I finally had enough with the 20 or so pounds I had put on 7 years prior after the birth of my last baby. I had been eating pretty well – a whole food diet about 80/20. During this time, I was feeling sore in some joints, tired, and basically run down. Having to be on my feet all day as a teacher, I was struggling.  Even with the pretty good diet the weight wouldn’t change very much, but more so I couldn’t stand how I felt and really didn’t want western medical intervention.

I had joined a couple of gyms and I would start out strong, but then fizzle out because of some reason or another. One of the gyms I actually liked closed within months of me joining! However, I was reasonably active (or so I thought) with hiking or kayaking or even skiing on the occasional weekend.

Why did she choose Body Force

I saw an ad from Body Force for a Summer Slim Down program over a year ago. I wasn’t really sure how I was going to fit it in as I had a trip planned out of the country and had just purchased a new home which required moving right when the summer slim down program would begin. I did it though! After that, I was hooked. I wasn’t worried so much about my numbers (weight, etc), I was just glad I was feeling better. I think the strength exercises made a difference as I started building and strengthening my muscles around my knee and hip joints.

What I didn’t realize originally as a benefit of joining Body Force was the community aspect. The staff at Body Force treats people as family and that made me want to keep coming back. I used to feel really self-conscious when I worked out in front of other people, but the no judgment/we’re glad to see you attitude that’s prevalent at Body Force changed that for me.

What results did she achieve

Fast forward a year and a few months and with a few bumps and curves in the road, I am still working out at Body Force. This is definitely the longest I’ve stayed at a gym! I’ve made progress in every aspect. I am stronger, I can be on my feet all day long and still feel great in the evening, and my weight has changed. While I don’t put too much pressure on myself to make that scale number move, I knew it had to change in order for me to feel better.

Thanks to Coach Alex for helping me during a check-in this past summer. She suggested I use an app on my phone to track my food and perhaps macros. I didn’t want to at first because I’ve failed at those before as well, but this time was different. So I started logging my intake/calories/macros and wow – it really helped give me the nudge I needed. I am down a good 10 lbs. and I’m loving it. Plus, I think with the exercise and my examination of what I eat helped many of my other numbers change for the better. My HDL cholesterol is up above standards, and my blood pressure is perfect.

As an extra added bonus, I’m simply happier. My family noticed since I’ve started working out, that I have much more energy and seem happier. My 9-year-old thinks I’m the strongest person in my household (ha ha) because I do the most push-ups now.

What does she like about Body Force

Besides the community aspect that Body Force and the staff encourage, I love team training. It’s been challenging yet so much fun. I like how the trainers make sure I’m doing the exercises correctly along with the instruction. Many times, they also give you the “why” behind what we’re working on that day.

Thank You Body Force

I want to say thanks to John and Wendy for your personalized approach as well as thanks to the trainers I work with often – Alex, Nick, and Brittany. You are all terrific, professional, and caring.


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