Training Member Spotlight: Mahlon Patterson

Client Spotlight

We are starting a new Member Spotlight here at Body Force for member testimonials to supplement the video testimonials that we have produced in the past. We have found that even though a lot of our members have great things to say about their experience at Body Force, many are still camera shy and prefer to put their testimonial into words. Here is our first.

Member Spotlight: In His own Words

My personal Body Force story and experience is what I would describe as a life changing one when it comes to my health and wellbeing, and I attribute a large amount of the credit to the team here at Body Force.  The owners, John and Wendy and the entire team of trainers, Alex, Brittany, Kyra, and Nick, have “nudged” me in a direction that has produced a whole new appreciation and mindset for managing my fitness and health.  Yes, I have to put in the work and make the commitment, but the experience I have had with the Body Force team has certainly provided the catalyst, the support, and the tools to make the changes and to be successful.

Before Body Force

Prior to joining Body Force, I approached my health as a weight goal, a pants size, or the search for a new fad diet or exercise plan to drop 20 in 20, etc. etc. Over the last four decades of adulthood, I had found some strategies that got me to a goal but without any lasting impact.  Case in point, I tipped the scales at my personal all time high of 267 and a 44 pants size on my first day, here.   I’ll be honest, I actually joined Body Force with some of the same physical goals as my primary motivation, but that’s changed now, and I thank the team at Body Force for helping me make that change in approach.

Journey and Results

I have been a member for over two and half years now.  Yes, I have improved my weight and pants size (215 and 36), but those benefits have come with time and work and are not and end game for me.  Yes, the gym provides all the access times to fit my schedule and the equipment options I need to work out when I want.   For me though, the choice to stay with Body Force was an easy one because of the manner in which I am personally treated by the owners, the training team, and other members.  I never feel as though I am being sold something or that I am member number 457.    Quite the opposite, the Body Force team has created what works best for me and that is an experience that makes you feel part of a community and one that is centered on learning and working to become healthier and fit.

Community and Accountability

I said I’ve been nudged to this whole new appreciation of my health and fitness approach.  I say this because I believe John, Wendy and the team are true to their mission of helping their members achieve health and fitness.  The most positive and reinforcing experience for me at Body Force is that my typical visit to the gym includes at least one of the team asking me how are you doing with your workouts, how are you feeling, or how is your nutrition.   If I am off my game, and often they notice before I do, they offer direction, tactics, and information to help me adjust and then follow up to see if its working for me.    So after two and half years, I know so much more about how to stretch, how to train, how to eat healthy, how to train around injuries, and how to support my health goals than I did on day one of my fitness journey here, and that has paid back great dividends for me both physically and emotionally.   I pay attention to my nutrition but do not feel as though I am on a diet, I plan my week in ways that make sure I make it to the gym.  I have even started logging my daily nutrition… thank you for that nudge, Kyra.

In Closing

So, if you are reading this, I hope what I have shared here will nudge you to start your own fitness journey and to start that journey with a visit with the Body Force team.


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