Training Member Spotlight: Emily Needles

Training Member: Emily

Training Member Spotlight

This is where we give our members a chance to tell you about their experience at Body Force. Sometimes, the member choses to give their testimony in writing, sometimes they agree to a video. This member spotlight we have a video and Emily answers a few questions about her experience.

Emily Needles’ Story

After moving from Baltimore to Cecil county, Emily was trying to find a fitness experience similar to what she had prior to moving. Her search brought her to Body Force where she not only found a great “smaller gym” with a knowledgeable coaching staff, she found a community and friendships.

Since joining Body Force, Emily is the strongest she has ever been and she attributes that the the staff and their knowledge and assistance with really pushing her through her workouts.

Emily enjoys the sense of community, people show a genuine interest in each other. They support each other during the workouts which makes the workouts more fun.

Now for Emily, going to the gym isn’t just about going to workout, it’s about going to see her friends.

Emily’s video


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