Training Member Spotlight: Anna Smith

TMS: Anna Smith

Training Member Spotlight: Anna Smith

Anna Smith has been a member with us for a little over 2 years. Anna is constantly pushing herself to new goals and challenges. Anna is a Team Training client, but can often be found doing extra work on her own, whether she is training for a running event or just working toward being able to perform unassisted pull-ups. Anna participates in our monthly MyZone challenge and has won the Golden Kettlebell Award multiple times. Anna also enjoys participating in our annual fund raiser workouts and has even completed the Savage race with Team Body Force.

But let’s hear what Anna has to say about her Body Force experience.

In her words:

Why she joined

I joined Body Force to gain physical strength.  Before I joined, I had never been to able to do a regular push-up or a pull-up.  I am proud to say that I now regularly do push-ups and I recently performed my first unassisted pull-up.  The increase in my physical strength has been tremendous and has functional applications in my daily life, e.g., I don’t need help opening jars anymore.


Beyond the physical strength I have gained, I have noticed an improvement in my daily mood by incorporating regular exercise.  I always feel better after a stressful day at work when I go to a team training session.  The change in my mood is immediate.


In addition to the positive physical and psychological effects I have experienced by regularly attending team sessions, I have come to think of the trainers, other members and owners as a second family.  My team classes have become a wonderful social event where I get to chat and even laugh with a variety of fantastic friends.


I may have come to Body Force for the physical benefits, but I have stayed because of the people.  This gym is a unique gem in Cecil county and I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else because I have too much fun here!

Anna Smith, member since 2016


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