Training Member Spotlight: Laura and Pat Boudart

Training Member Spotlight

We love to brag about our members, but it is great when our members have good things to say about us. Laura and Pat are two great members and this is what they have to say about their experience training at Body Force and how it has affected their lives.

Laura and Pat Boudart

What was your fitness routine like prior to joining Body Force? 

For the most part our fitness routine consisted of walking the dogs for about 30-40 minutes each night.  We did sporadically use our elliptical machine but nothing consistent.

Why did you choose to join Body Force?

Pat’s sister, Felecia, had been telling us about Body Force for years. We were looking for some sort of “structured training” to get us kicked off. Neither of us was thrilled about just walking blindly into a gym for the first time in 20+ years and trying to “figure out” what we should be doing.  We decided to do the 7 day trial and here we are a year and a half later!  What was really cool was that when our college aged sons came home this summer, they were super excited to join too!  They are both focused on weight training (with a bit of cardio) and this place was great for them too!

What are your biggest achievements since joining Body Force?

We’ve both commented on how much stronger we are.  Day to day tasks that we used to struggle with are much easier. I (Laura) travel all the time for work and even things like lifting a heavy suitcase overhead on the plane has become no problem!

What have you enjoyed most about Body Force? 

We both really love the Team Training approach where we get somebody else to kick our butts for us (Thanks Alex, Nick, and Brit!!!) Seriously, neither of us are Lunkers and having someone providing a variety of exercises and making sure we are performing them well has been awesome!  In addition, it really is a family type environment where not only the trainers but the other members look out for each other.

What advice would you give to someone looking to start their own fitness journey? 

START NOW. I seriously thought about joining Body Force for probably 2 years before actually taking the first step. We realize how important it is to “keep moving” as we get older and have committed ourselves to staying active now to prevent problems in the future!  Our only regret is not joining sooner!!

Would you recommend Body Force to friends or family? Why? 

Absolutely, and it does not, I repeat, does NOT matter what type of size or shape you are in.  Everyone starts somewhere, and Body Force will make sure you’re set on the right track.


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