Kettlebell Progressive Circuit

WOW: Kettlebell Progression

Our workout of the week is a Kettlebell Progressive Circuit.  Start with one exercise and add an exercise each time through the circuit. This is a good total body workout. Give it a try this week.


The Workout

Complete 9 rounds, add 1 exercise each Round

KB Deadlift x10

KB Swings x10

SA KB Row x5 each Side

SA KB Clean x 5 each Side

KB Goblet Squats x10

SA KB Overhead Press x5 each Side

SA KB Snatch x5 each Side

SA KB Overhead Lunges x5 each Side

Push-ups w/ Hands on KB x10


How to Perform the Kettlebell Progressive Circuit

By this time, you should be familiar with all the basic moves we will be doing. If you are not familiar with any of the movements in this workout, ask a coach.

We always recommended you warm-up prior to strenuous exercise. Before you begin this workout, you should perform some dynamic stretching, and/or 5 to 10 minutes of light cardio.


The Workout

Grab one or two kettlebells for this workout.  You may want a heavier KB for the Deadlift, Squats and Swings. The idea is to work with a weight that is a challenge, but allow you to maintain proper form.  There is no time element for this workout.


The Exercises

Kettlebell Deadlift: With a heavy kettlebell on the floor at your feet, hinge forward and grab the horn. While holding the kettlebell at arm’s length, return to the upright position squeezing your glutes at the top. Complete 10 reps.

Kettlebell Swings: Starting with the kettlebell on the floor, hinge forward grab the horn. Hike the kettlebell slightly to the rear, then drive through the hips and swing the kettlebell up in front of you at arm’s length. Complete 10 reps.

Single Arm Kettlebell Row: Hinge forward at the hips holding the kettlebell at arm’s length.  Row the kettlebell to your body, Complete 5 reps on one side then repeat for the other side.

Single Arm Kettlebell Cleans: Holding the Kettlebell in one arm, dip slightly at the knees. Explode back to the full upright position and bring the kettlebell up to the front rack. Return to the start. Complete 5 reps per side.

Kettlebell Goblet Squats: Holding the kettlebell in a goblet grip in front of you. Lower yourself into a squat, keeping your chest up and proud. Perform 10 reps.

Single Arm Kettlebell Overhead Press: Start with the kettlebell in the front rack. Press the kettlebell up and overhead, return to the rack position. Complete 5 reps per side.

Single Arm Kettlebell Snatch: Place a kettlebell on the floor in front of you. Squat down and grab the handle. Explode up driving through your heels, pulling the kettlebell up and then extend the kettlebell straight overhead to a fully extended position.  Complete 5 reps each side.

Single Arm Kettlebell Overhead Lunges: Start with the kettlebell in the overhead position. Holding the kettlebell overhead, step forward into a lunge with the leg opposite the kettlebell. Return to the upright position. Repeat 5 reps on each side.

Push-ups with Hands on Kettlebell: Place a kettlebell on the floor in front of you. Place both hands on the kettlebell and assume a push-up position. Perform 10 push-ups.

Watch the demonstration video below.


Demonstration Video

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