WOW: Kettlebell Core Burner

Kettlebell, Core, Burner

This week’s workout of the week is a kettlebell core burner. Like the name says this workout is going to set your core on fire. You will be working your core from multiple angles starting on the floor with the get-up sit-ups, progress to the bear crawl holds with kettlebell pull throughs and finish up with your top or bottom loaded windmills. Focus on contracting your core and keeping your form solid. There is no time limit or prescribed weight, take as long as you need to and use a weight that is going to challenge you through all the movements making adjustments as needed.

The Workout

Complete 5 Rounds of the following circuit

15 Get-up Sit-ups each side

15 Bear Crawl Holds w/Kettlebell pull throughs each side

15 Windmills each side (top or bottom loaded)

How to Perform this Kettlebell Workout

The set up for this kettlebell workout is pretty simple, you will need one or more kettlebells. Since this is not a timed workout you really don’t need anything else. You can do this workout with one weight, but you may find you need to change weights for some of the moves. You may want to try weights for each movement before actually starting the circuits.

Starting on the floor for the Get-up Sit-ups, which is the first movement in performing a Turkish Get-up, hold a kettlebell at arm’s length. Keep your eyes on the kettlebell throughout the movement. Contract your abs and move so you are propped on your elbow. See the video below for the demonstration. And return to the starting position. Perform 15 reps on one side them 15 reps on the other.

The second movement is the Bear Crawl Hold with Kettlebell Pull Through. Start on your hands and knees, then contract your abs and lift your knees off the ground, hold this position. Reach through and grab your kettlebell with the opposite hand and pull it through. Return to the starting positions then repeat with the other hand. That is 2 reps. See the video below.

The final movement is the Windmill, you can choose to do this either top or bottom loaded. The video will demonstrate both.

For bottom loaded, stand with your feet about should width apart. Hold a kettlebell in one hand, turn your feet to the side the kettlebell is on, and extend you other arm toward the ceiling. From here you will hinge at your hips in the direction of the hand with the kettlebell, trying to lower the kettlebell to the floor and return to the upright position. Perform this movement 15 times on each side.

For top loaded, you will raise the kettlebell over head in one arm, then point your feet away from the arm with the kettlebell. Then hinging at the hips try to touch your toes with the hand that does not have the kettlebell and return to the starting position. KEEP YOUR EYES on the Kettlebell if doing this version.

See the video below for demonstration of the exercises.

With all workouts you should focus on proper form and full range of motion to avoid injury.


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