Workout of the Week: Sandbag EMOM

sandbag EMOM

This week’s workout is a whole-body sandbag EMOM workout. This is a 20 minute Every Minute on the Minute workout consisting of 4 exercises. You will perform the prescribed reps of each exercise in order on the top of the minute. Any time left in that minute is your rest time. At the top of the next minute you move to the next exercise.

The Workout

20 Minute EMOM

Minute 1: 12 Shoulder to Shoulder Push Press
Minute 2: 10 Burpees Over Bag
Minute 3: 12 Power Cleans
Minute 4: 10 Clean Over Shoulder (Alternate Shoulders)

How to Perform this Sandbag EMOM

To set up for this workout you will need a timer or timer app on your smart phone and a sandbag. You want a weight that is going to be a challenge the idea here is to build strength. The rep counts are pretty low so you should be able to go fairly heavy.

When the timer starts for the workout you will begin with the sandbag shoulder to shoulder press in the first minute. The second minute you will perform burpees over the sandbag.  In the third minute you will move on to sandbag power cleans. And the fourth minute you will perform sandbag cleans over the shoulder, alternating s which shoulder you clean over each rep. After completing the fourth exercise you will go back to the beginning and repeat the exercises for 4 more round to complete 20 Minutes.

See the video below for demonstration of the exercises.

With all workouts you should focus on proper form and full range of motion to avoid injury.


Demonstration Video

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