Tire Flipping Workout of the Week

Flipping tires

This Past Saturday we held our annual charity tire flipping workout for the Boys and Girls Club of Cecil County, A Flipping Good Time for Charity. So, this week I thought we would have a workout based on tire flipping.

Tire flipping is a great way to get a functional workout in with an unconventional piece of equipment. I mean we don’t just keep those tires in the facility for decoration after all. Aside from tire flipping there are a number of other exercises that we do using the tire and this week’s workout will incorporate several of them.

The Workout

Complete 10 Rounds of the following circuit

10 Box Jumps (onto tire)

5 Tire Flips

10 elevated push-ups (feet on tire or hands on tire)

5 Tire Flips

30 Second Plank (feet on tire or elbows on tire)


How to Perform this Tire Flipping Workout

The set up for this tire flipping workout is pretty simple, simply pick one of the tires that we have. This workout is not timed but you may want a stop watch or timer app on your phone for the Plank. If the weather is nice you can take the tire(s) out to the field alongside the building and do this workout (just make sure you take your key-tag to get back in).

The Movements

You will begin with the tire lying flat on its side and perform 10 box jumps on to the tire.

After completing the box jumps you will flip the tire 5 times. This can be done 2 ways inside depending on how busy the gym is. you can flip in 5 times consecutively in one direction or you can flip it one way, move to the other side and flip it back. If you are able to do it outside I recommend doing the 5 tire flips in one direction perform the next exercise then flip the tire back to where you started.

After the first 5 tire flips you will do 10 push-ups with your feet elevated on the tire. If you need to regress this exercise you can do the push-ups with your hands on the tire.

Next perform 5 tire flips, just like before.

Finally, you will hold a plank with your feet on the tire for 30 seconds before starting the next round. Again, the if you cannot hold the plank with your feet on the tire you can regress to doing elbows on the tire.

Although this workout is not timed we encourage you to challenge yourself to get through all 10 rounds as quickly as possible taking minimum breaks. If you have a training partner or a workout buddy, we have 2 of the big tires and you can make this workout a little more challenging by turning it into a friendly competition.

See the video below for demonstration of the exercises.

With all workouts you should focus on proper form and full range of motion to avoid injury.

Demonstration Video

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