Sandbag Workout of the Week, 23 April 2018


This week’s workout is a two-part, whole-body sandbag workout. You do not want to rush through this one, so take breaks where you need them. You may also want to plan on doing this sandbag workout more than once during the week.  Go light the first time to get a feel for all the movements, especially the Around the Worlds, they are a little tricky. Then, after you are familiar with the movements add some weight and work a little harder. You may also want different weight sandbags for the different movements depending on your personal strengths.

The Workout

Part 1: Complete 3 Rounds of the following circuit

10 SB Sumo Deadlift High-Pulls

10 SB Bent Over Rows

10 SB Swings

10 SB Shoulder Press

10 SB Squats

Part 2: Complete 2 Rounds of the following Circuit

10 SB Around the Worlds

Plank with 10 SB Pull Throughs

How to Perform this Sandbag Workout

To set up for this sandbag workout is pretty simple, you need one or more sandbags. Since this is not a timed workout you really don’t need anything else. You can do this workout with one weight, but you may find that certain to perform some movement effectively the weight is much lighter than you need to get a good workout for other moves. You may want to try weights for each movement before actually starting the circuits.

For the first circuit, start with a sandbag on the floor in front of you. Assume a good Sumo stance and begin by executing 10 Sumo Deadlift High-Pulls, returning the sandbag to the floor between each exercise. If needed adjust the sandbag to begin the 10 bent-over rows. Remember to keep you back nice and flat, hinging at your hips. Change your grip on the sandbag and begin your 10 sandbag swings. To begin the shoulder press, clean the sandbag to a front rack and begin your 10 reps from there. For the final movement, you will clean and press the sandbag from the floor to the back-rack position and execute your 10 reps. Repeat this circuit 3 times, taking breaks when you need to get water or catch your breath. After the third round, set up for second circuit.

The second circuit is going to hit the core and shoulders a little more. This is only 2 rounds and two movements but the movements are a little more intense. The around the worlds are tricky, make sure to watch the video below to watch Coach Brittany demonstrate. I would also suggest practicing this move a couple of times before starting the actual circuit.  One last note on the Around the worlds, switch direction of rotation each round. If you go clock-wise the first round, go counter clock-wise the second round, this will help maintain balance. So for circuit 2, perform your 10 around the worlds, then set up in a plank positions and perform your 10 sandbag pull throughs. Do this circuit 2 times.

See the video below for demonstration of the exercises.

With all workouts you should focus on proper form and full range of motion to avoid injury.

Demonstration Video

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