No Bake Nutella Energy Bites

Recipe of the week: No Bake Nutella Energy Bites

This week I was looking for some healthy snack ideas and I came across this recipe for no-bake Nutella energy bites.  These make a great grab and go breakfast or a quick pre/post workout snack. This recipe comes from see the link below.

Nutella Energy Bites

No bake energy balls are a go-to snack for me. If you look back through the earlier blog posts you will find a couple of other recipes that I have written about. These are probably aren’t as healthy as some of the other ones, but come on it’s Nutella.

These no bake Nutella energy bites are delicious and will quickly become a go-to in your house.  The combination of the chocolate, hazelnut and peanut butter is so rich. The recipe calls for either crispy rice cereal or shredded coconut. I prefer the crispy rice, only because I never liked the texture of shredded coconut.

Because this is a no-bake recipe, preparation is really easy, just throw everything into a bowl and mix it well.  Scoop it out into balls and roll them in your hands to pack them, then chill in the fridge to set.  These can be stored for 1-2 weeks in airtight containers in the refrigerator.


1 cup old fashioned rolled oats

½ cup crispy rice cereal or shredded coconut

½ cup Nutella

¼ cup peanut butter

½ cup ground flax seed

1/3 cup honey

1 tablespoon coconut oil

1 teaspoon vanilla

½ cup chocolate chips

Note: you can add a scoop of dotFIT unflavored WheySmooth to the mix to increase the protein level.


To Prepare Your Nutella Energy Bites

1) Mix together the rolled oats, crispy rice, Nutella, peanut butter, flax seed, honey, vanilla, coconut oil and chocolate chips until combined.

2) Scoop the mixture into small balls about 1 tablespoon each. Place the balls on a piece of parchment paper.

3) Use your hand to roll them into tightly packed balls.

4) Place in the refrigerator to set

Store in an air tight container in the refrigerator.

Makes about 30 servings


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