Kettlebells and Jump Ropes; 1 April 2019

WOW KBs & Jump Rope

This week we have kettlebells and jump ropes.   This workout is composed of 4 kettlebell moves; swings, lunges, snatches and squats. Each kettlebell move is followed by 50 jump ropes. This workout is versatile and can be done as a strength or cardio workout, or a combination of both.

The Workout

Perform 4 rounds of the following:

10 Kettlebell Hand to Hand Swings

50 Jump Ropes

10 Kettlebell Reverse Lunges (each side)

50 Jump Ropes

10 Kettlebell Snatches (each side)

50 Jump Ropes

10 Kettlebell Goblet Squats

50 Jump Ropes

How to Perform this Kettlebell and Jump Rope Circuit

If you are not familiar with any of the movements in this workout, watch the video below or ask a coach.

We always recommended you warm-up prior to strenuous exercise. Before you begin this workout, you should perform some dynamic stretching, and/or 5 to 10 minutes of light cardio.

Pick your kettlebells, you may want to have a couple different weights handy for the different movements. You will most likely want a heavy kettlebell for the goblet squats than you use for the other movements.

If you are doing this as a strength workout, choose heavier weights and take breaks as you need them. You should be able to just complete the set repetitions of each movement with good form.

If you want to challenge your cardiovascular fitness choose lighter weights and see how quickly you can perform all 4 rounds with as little break as possible.

If you want to do this workout for time, set up your fitness timer app to stop watch mode.


Start the workout with your hand to hand swings, transferring the kettlebell at the top of the swing. Complete a total of 10 swings. This will go pretty quick and you may want to go a little heavier on this. After you complete the swings you will complete 50 jump ropes.

For the Kettlebell reverse lunges, hold a single kettlebell in one hand at your side. Step back into a reverse lunge with the foot on the same side as the kettlebell. Perform 10 reps on one side then switch to the other side and perform 10 reps. Next complete 50 Jump ropes.

Next, with the kettlebell on the floor in front of you, squat down, grab the kettlebell, and explode through your hips, bringing the kettlebell in a straight path up in front of you and extend your arm fully overhead, stacking your shoulder. Return the kettlebell back to the floor, perform 10 reps on one side then switch to the other. Next complete 50 jump ropes.

Finally, goblet grip your kettlebell, holding it close to your body at chest level. Squat down to parallel or slightly below, and drive back up through your heels. Perform 10 reps, you will probably want a heavier kettlebell for this. Finally perform 50 jump ropes.

Repeat this circuit for a total of 4 rounds.

Watch the demonstration video below to see these moves performed.

Remember the importance of proper form and full range of motion on each movement. Don’t be an ego lifter.

Demonstrations Video


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