Kettlebell Workout of the Week

KB Swings and Squats

This week we have a great Kettlebell Workout that will blast the entire body in a short period of time. This is great if you are running short on time this can be a kettlebell workout for time. If you want to take your time with it and go heavy it works for that as well.

The Workout

Perform for time with a lighter weight and attempt to go unbroken.

Turn this into a strength workout go heavy and take breaks as needed.

10 swings
9 goblet squats
10 swings
8 goblet squats
10 swings
7 goblet squats
10 swings
6 goblet squats

TOTAL: 50 Swings/ 30 squats

How to Perform this Kettlebell Workout

If you are running short on time but want to get a quick full body workout in, this kettlebell workout can be done with lighter weight. Pick a kettlebell in the 12-16 KG range for men or 8-12 KG for women. The idea is for it to be a challenge, but to try to get through the entire workout without breaking.

If you have the time and want to make this a strength workout, go heavy and take breaks as needed. You want a weight that you can just barely complete each exercise and that you need a short break in between exercises. However, you do not want to sacrifice form to lift heavier weight.

See the video below for demonstration of the exercises.

With all workouts you should focus on proper form and full range of motion to avoid injury.

Demonstration Video

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