Humane Burpee Workout; 21 January 2019

Humane Burpee

We have a fast and fun kettlebell workout for you this week, called the Humane Burpee. I found this workout in the book, The Hardstyle Kettlebell Challenge by Dan John. This contains 3 of the key moves for many of the workouts in the book. The thing that makes it humane is that the goblet squats and push-up decrease each round. Read on for more about how to execute this workout.

The Humane Burpee Workout

This workout is 5 rounds plus a finisher.

15 KB Swings

5 KB Goblet Squats

5 Pushups


15 KB Swings

4 KB Goblet Squats

4 Pushups



15 KB Swings

3 KB Goblet Squats

3 Pushups


15 KB Swings

2KB Goblet Squats



15 KB Swings

1 KB Goblet Squats

1 Pushups

Finisher: 50 Calorie Row


How to Perform the Humane Burpee Workout

For anyone that has been training with us for any period of time, all these moves should be familiar to you. If you have any questions, watch the video below or ask a coach.

It is always recommended to warm-up prior to strenuous exercise. Before you begin this workout, you should perform some dynamic stretching, or 5 to 10 minutes of light cardio.

For this humane burpee workout the key is to focus on form and technique. However, you also want to challenge yourself to try to complete this workout without a break. Moving from one exercise to the next to complete the rounds, and then starting right into the next round. If you are able to complete this workout without a break, there are a couple ways you can make it harder. You can use a heavier weight, or you can increase the reps for the goblet squats and push-ups. One recommended alternative is starting with 10 reps each and decreasing 2 reps every round.

KB Swing:

Start with the kettlebell on the floor slightly in front of your toes. Grab it by the horn and hike it back through your legs. Thrust your hips forward and swing the kettlebell up in front of you, stopping at face level and return. This works your hip flexors, hamstrings, glutes and core.

KB Goblet Squat:

Following the final swing, switch your grip on the kettlebell and bring it up to a goblet grip in front of your chest. Holding the kettlebell at chest level, perform a squat and come back up to the top position. This works your quads, glutes, hamstrings and core.


After completing the set reps for the goblet squats, place the kettlebell on the floor and to the side. Assume the pushup position on the floor with your hands under your shoulders, elbows pointed back and out. Push your body up off the ground maintaining your body in a straight line from shoulders to heels. This move works your chest, triceps, shoulders and core.


For your finisher, you will perform a 50 Calorie Row on the C2 rower.

You have successfully completed the Humane Burpee workout, now try it again and change the difficulty.


Watch the demonstration video below to see these moves.

Remember the importance of proper form and full range of motion on each movement. Don’t be an ego lifter.


Demonstrations Video

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