Holiday Workouts of the Week

Holiday WoW

It’s hard to believe we are at the end of another year, Christmas is tomorrow and the New Year Starts in a week. With the limited staffed hours over the holiday, we wanted to provide a couple of Holiday workouts of the week that you could do on your own. They are both meant to be challenging but have a fun holiday theme. The first is the 12 Bells of Christmas, it is a kettlebell workout from our Friends at Alloy Personal Training. The second is one that Nick and I came up with last year, we call it the Festivus Workout. This workout is loosely based off the fictitious holiday created by Mr. Costanza on the show Seinfeld.


12 Bells of Christmas

Holiday Workout #1

Complete as many rounds as possible in 30 minutes.

Go through all exercises on one side. Switch sides every round.


1 Turkish Get-up

2 Top Loaded Windmills

3 KB Snatches

4 Figure 8s

5 Contra Lateral Racked Split Squats

6 Single Arm KB Push Press

7 Single Arm KB Swings

8 Single Arm KB Cleans

9 Single Arm KB Bent Over Rows

10 Goblet Squats (use both hands)

11 Single Arm Dead Bugs

12 Lateral KB Drags (use both hands)

Festivus Workout

Holiday Workout #2

This workout has two parts “Feats of Strength” (FoS) and “Airing of the Grievances” (AG) each made up of 3 exercises. You will alternate your way through this workout for 3 rounds. Completing all 6 exercises each round.


FoS: Tire Flips (1 lap across the gym and back)

AG: Burpees (20 Reps)

FoS: Heavy Sandbag Cleans (10 Reps)

AG: Kettlebell Swings (50 Reps)

FoS: Pull-ups (Maximum reps)

AG: Any Cardio Equipment (1 Mile)


Demonstrations Video

Due to the holidays we do not have a demonstration video for you this week. If you have questions about any of the movements during staffed hours ask a trainer. For you entertainment here is a video for you.

We wish you all a Happy Holiday Season.


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