Felecia Kennedy Testimonial

Felecia Kennedy – Member since 2010

Felicia is one of Body Force’s longest tenured members having joined when the previous owner opened the doors in 2010.  As she tells her story in the video below, you will hear about her success and continued trials in her journey to become more fit and healthy. Felicia is one of the friendly faces that you will find welcoming new people and making them feel at home at Body Force. Here is her story in her words…

One thing Felecia has proven over her years as a member at Body Force, even though she has had set backs, she believes in the programs and she keeps fighting back to be a happier healthier person. Be like Felecia and start your fitness journey today. Complete the form below and sign-up for a 30-day VIP Training Package. Our trainers and staff will help you get on your way.

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