Basic Sandbag Workout

Last week we featured a kettlebell workout from Kettlebell Kings. I really like kettlebells, and I added a kettlebell workout to the blackboard in the facility this week. But I wanted to talk a little about the sandbags and give you a basic Sandbag workout that you can try this week.


Sandbags are an awesome addition to your regular workouts because they require you to engage your core and accessory muscles in ways that they do not get used with other types of resistance workouts. This is because the sand inside the bags shift with every rep and with your body movement. This then causes you to make minor adjustments to the way you execute the movement each time engaging more muscles.


So here is a tough little workout using the sandbags we have at Body Force. It’s only 4 exercises and the rep count is low, so use a weight that will challenge you.


If you are using a MyZone belt, you will probably get in the high 80% range pretty quick, try to stay in the yellow, if you have to slow your pace a bit that is not a bad thing.


10 Rounds for Time:
– 3 Power Cleans
– 3 Front Squats
– 3 Push Press
– 10 Overhead Walking Lunges
***Recommended Weights: Rx 70/50# Scaled 50/30#


Sandbag Clean

Sandbag Front Squat

Sandbag Push Press

Sandbag Overhead Walking Lunges