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When I was little I remember that my Mom-mom always had this cookie jar in her kitchen. The actual cookie jar is in the picture for this blog, my sister has it now. She kept cookies stocked up all the time especially when she was expecting a visit from the grandkids. Sometimes she would have Oreo-type sandwich cookies, other times it was those wafers with the creamy filling but no matter what kind of cookies there were, it was always a treat when we went to visit. Mom-mom would give us a cookie for helping with a chore, or if we fell and got a boo-boo, or even if one of the other kids was picking on us.


So, what does this have to do with fitness or health, I’m talking about cookies for goodness sake.

I recently read a book called, You Can’t Hurt Me, by David Goggins. He talks a lot about the mental rigors of Seal Team training, he went through Hell Week 3 times in a year, and ultra-marathon running.

Goggins has this mind game he uses when he was starting to feel defeated, or struggling to get through a challenge. He called it his cookie jar.  His mental cookie jar isn’t filled with Oreos and chocolate chip cookies. This cookie jar is filled with positive memories, times he succeeded in the face of adversity, or completed a challenge that people said he couldn’t. His cookies are times he overcame and pushed past limits.

When he would be struggling, halfway through a 200-mile race feeling defeated, broken and beaten, he would reach into that cookie jar and pull out a memory that reminded him of what he has overcome.  These memories would help motivate him to get past the immediate feelings of pain or defeat.


You may not be planning to run an ultra-marathon, you may not even want to run a 5k. You may just be struggling with sticking to a workout routine. No matter what your situation. You can create your own mental cookie jar, then you can dive into it when you need that little extra motivation. When you need the reminder of how strong you are. Reach into that cookie jar and pull out the memory of your past successes. It’s all about the mindset and coming up with the right tool to help you achieve.

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